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Massimo Amato La Centrale Elettrica

Massimo Amato - La Centrale Elettrica

Affordable Inner Space is a new label-project from

The concept is simple, we still try to produce affordable emotions with beautiful music. A bit different from our main label, AIS is focused on the conjuntion with acoustic and electronic instruments in a free way. No barriers.

In this first chapter we are pleased to announce a new album from the multi instrumentalist Massimo Amato (also known as Mono-Drone) called: La Centrale Elettrica.

An enchanting work where Massimo has put in the music his deep influences, from hypnotic and spacey krautrock to the bliss ambient soundscapes and post-rock accelerations.


Vinyl LP, Limited Edition of 300 copies.


Massimo Amato: electronics, melodica, sontoor, harmonium

Flavio Barbaro: bass

Dinraj: guitars

Ann-rita Elinorsdatter: vocals

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