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passEnger Last Trasmissions from Solaris

  • Label / Records
  • Catalog / ELE-R008
  • Format / Vinyl
  • Released / 11/2015
  • Style /
Last Transmission From Solaris

Last Trasmissions from Solaris was inspired by the Stanislav Lem’s novel Solaris, a journey into techno-soul emissions explored by the talent of passEnger.

It combines a subtle sci-fi atmosphere with solid techno approach and scientific electro incarnation. Here you can find a direction if your soul needs an utopian vision of the future.

The closest thing to Detroit we’ve been able to produce over the years.

“Viveva in me l’attesa, 
l’ultima cosa che mi fosse rimasta”

Tracks written and recorded by Andrea Di Maggio between 2013 and 2015, 
except a1 originally recorded live in 2009.

Inspired by Stanislav Lem’s novel, Solaris.

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