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T.E.W. Eighteen EP

  • Label / Records
  • Catalog / ELE-R006
  • Format / Vinyl
  • Released / 30/06/2014
  • Style / , ,

After eighteen years, Records is honoured to produce the new EP from T.E.W., the duo formed by Simone Renghi and Giampiero Fagiolo.
T.E.W. stands for Travelling into Esoteric World, a project born in Rome during the revolutionary storm of techno and electro music in the early 90’s. From the finest IDM to melodic and emotional electro up to reach some of the tangled acid and techno fields, their previous five releases are considered seminal and fundamental to characterize the Roman scene during those years.

T.E.W. are masters on Roland TB 303 programming, a key machine that appears in most of their full analogical compositions, like the two tracks filling “Eighteen” EP recorded between 1996 and 1997 and secretly kept in their archive until today.

“Grass 2” (25 02 1997)” is the second chapter of “Grass” (another great piece of music dated 1995 released on Habitat the T.E.W. own label). Smooth break beat downtempo, lush twitters and a cool acid loop in the background open the scene to the rising up of a melody that will carry your spirit straight to heaven.

Changing side, “Prepostpheo” (08 06 1996) will make you feel all the warmth of analogical machines. The melancholic incipit is just the gate for the endless stretched notes of the bleak synth wave leading the track, while another masterful 303 bassline circle scratches the soundscape for one of the best mystic, otherworldly 4/4 acid experience you have ever listened.

T.E.W. are sons of a golden era where the wind of revolution used to be spread by nocturnal radio broadcasts, home tape recordings, secret rave parties and whole afternoons spent to dig vinyls in the record shops to bring at home the listening that touched our soul. We don’t want to appear nostalgic of this past life (or maybe we are) but we strongly believe that music today is the only way to reach the paradise of lost emotions. And T.E.W. could be the master of this never-ending trip back to the future.

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