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Various The Descent Of Man Ep

  • Label / Records
  • Catalog / ELE-R003
  • Format / Vinyl
  • Released / 30/06/2012
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Ele R002

The Descent of Man Ep is the third and last part of a trilogy on vinyl dedicated to Charles Darwin studies. This final chapter is focused on the darkest side of electronic music and his impact on human psychology.

As Charles Darwin studied the evolution of physical and mental traits, we want to show how obscure, trembling and aggressive sounds generate an increasing sense of agitation and loss while mild and gloomy atmospheres can relieve the body and brain, achieving a peaceful state of mind.

Don’t be afraid to move into a shady space. This is not the end even if it could be.


Side A1: NursiøPholus
Nursiø is the side project of Commodity Place. This track is focused on the old sound of the cult soundtracks like the ones by John Carpenter & Claudio Simonetti and Cosmic adventures into the world of synthesizer music with the precious support of machines such as Moog Minimoog, Moog Slim Phatty, Roland TR 707, Roland SH 101, Roland Juno 60, Roland Alpha Juno 2.

Side A2: The ExalticsThe Sign
A terrific techno track with a post-wave and industrial input. An “under pressure” dark tunnel letting you run away in the direction of a safe escape.

Side B1: Healing Force ProjectAverage Apogee
A real talent. An artist who conveys in his music a lot of different styles, from psychedelic acid excursus to heavy and distorted House vision. A dodgy allay of your mind, full of traps to face running into acid path.

Side B2: BüromaschinenThalamus Hardware Conversion
A sun rage. Deeply melodic track that can change your day. Büromaschinen is a musical project run by italian top designer Lorenzo Ceccotti (LRNZ), a surprise that deserves all your support.


Nursiø is the side project of Commodity Place focused on Ambient/Soundtrack and Cosmic excursion. Discogs Page

The Exaltics
Italian project run out by Antonio Marini with a personal dark sound between techno, acid house and some psychedelic biscuits.
Official Website

Healing Force Project
DJing activities commenced in 1998. Tracks and auditory experiments quickly followed. Yard has been releasing audio statements since appearances on both Narita/M3rck and Skam records in 2004, with 2 full lengths and a number of 12″s/EPs on respected labels in Europe and the USA. Out there ambient techno located somewhere between the dark, dank Cascade mountain range and the Pacific ocean.Soundcloud Page

Artist and designer based in Rome. In the past he was one of the five pillars of the glorious design studio called Chimp Co., later to be known as Studio Brutus. Lorenzo Ceccotti is definitely a weird multidisciplinary talent. Official Website

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